Lebanon-Laclede County Library

Dan True Room


Benage Room

Meeting Rooms

In keeping the Library's mission and core values, meeting rooms are available for use by the public when not needed for Library purposes. Please see our meeting room policy to know the general rule, availability, application and fees of our meeting rooms. 

You may contact the Lebanon-Laclede County Library at 417-588-2148 or email Nickie Pillow at njones@lebanon-laclede.lib.mo.us to reserve a room or click Here

Study Rooms

There are five (5) Study Rooms available. The Study Rooms can be unlocked for use by the
Circulation Desk. Patrons must show a valid photo ID to use the Study Rooms. Study Rooms
are first come-first served; however, we do allow rooms to be reserved. There is a one-hour time
limit on Study Rooms but may be extended if no other patrons are waiting for the room (this is
not a guarantee). Priority is given to research and the Literacy Council tutors. You may contact
the Laclede Literacy Council about tutoring sessions at (417) 532-6697.