Lebanon-Laclede County Library

In the year 2016 an important new partnership was forged between the Lebanon-Laclede County Library and the Laclede County Historical Society. Our local historical society had struggled to operate effectively for many years, occupying two different historic structures - the old Laclede County Jail and the Ploger-Moneymaker House. In the long run, both locations presented what turned out to be insurmountably high operational and maintenance costs. Faced with the prospect of losing our valuable local history collection to repositories outside Laclede County, the Library graciously offered LCHS and its collections a new, permanent home. Relocation was quickly carried-out, and planning for preservation and/or exhibition of the material continues today.

The Lebanon-Laclede County Library also has a large collection of genealogy and historical books in our Missouri room for research and viewing purposes. Please take note that these books are not available to check out and take home. These books should stay in the Missouri room at all times. 

  The mission of Lebanon-Laclede County Library is to inform, educate, inspire, and entertain. History can achieve all of those in one way or another and we hope to help you discover that through our collection. 

If you have questions regarding genealogy or research please fill out the form below.

*This page is under construction and we hope to provide you with access to digital archives soon!

Archives we have available to view in Missouri room

(some must be requested/unlocked by staff)

- Lebanon High School Yearbooks

-Bittersweet Magazines

-Microfilm collection (Newspapers, Census records, other collections)

-You can also use Missouri Evergreen to see more books we have available in the Missouri Room.

Archives that must be requested to be scanned and sent as a digital copy

-Probate files

-Marriage/obituary entries (if they are available)