They're book addicts.  -Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

New Children Titles

E Books Call#
Dune Buggies E 629.222 Abdo
Mountain Bikes E 796.63 Abdo
Clap E Aurora
How Does My Home Work? E 621.042 Butterworth
The Berenstain Bears Lend a Helping Hand E Berenstain
Prince Fly Guy Easy Arnold
Duck, Duck, Dinosaur Snowy Surprise Easy George
The Great Race E Corr
The New LiBEARian E Donald
Maple Syrup from the Sugarhouse E Knowlton
Night, Night, Groot E Deneen
You Hold Me Up E Gray Smith
A Peaceful Garden E London
Libba E 782.4216 Veirs
Something's Fishy E Gourounas
How to Find an Elephant E Banks
Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years E 550 McAnulty
Brave E 179.6 McAnulty
A Dream for a Princess Easy Lagonegro
Tyrannosaurus Rex Easy Emmons
The Amazing Planet Earth Easy 525 Emmons
Old Racers,New Racers Easy Tillworth
What is a Princess? Easy Liberts
Big Dogs, Little Dogs  E  636.7 Medway
Thelma the Unicorn E  Blabey
Mighty Tug E Capucilli
Bird Builds a Nest E Jenkins
Ordinary, Extraordinary E 823.7 Hopkinson
The Forever Tree E Surratt
The Word Collector E Reynolds
The Digger and the Flower E Kuefler
Bub E Stanton
Somewhere a Bell Is Ringing E Ney
All About the Dragons Easy Katschke
Dream March Easy 323.1196 Nelson
Martin Luther King Jr., A Peaceful Leader Easy 323.092 Albee
Pet the Cat: Pete at the Beach Easy Dean
Big Choo E Shaskan
Elmore E Hobbie
The Tiptoeing Tiger E Leathers
Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime! E Mantchev
If I Had a Horse E Marino
Unplugged E Antony
Kate, Who Tamed the Wind E Scanlon
MILO: a moving story E Riddle
One Little Goat E Dubosarsky
Little Mouse's Big Breakfast E Pym
This is the Chick E Hartmann
Girl Running E 796.42 Pimentel
It's Springtime,Mr. Squirrel! E Meschenmoser
Warble Wave E 598.8 Sayre
I Am A Cat E Bernstein
All That Trash E 386.244 McCarthy
Baby Penguin's First Waddles E598.47 Richmond
A Seal Named Patches E 599.79 Beltran
The Pink Umbrella E Callot
Martha & Me E Wehrle
Pass the Ball, MO! Easy Adler
The Book About Nothing E Bender
My Family Four Floors Up E Stutson
Floaty E Himmelman
I Am Loved E 811.54 Bryan
Tiny and the Big Dig E Rinker
Thank You, Earth E 550 Sayre
Alabama Spitfire E 920 Hegedus
Sleepover Duck! E Bramsen
A Place to Start a Family E 591.56 Harrison
What Do You Do With A Chance? E Yamada
I Can Be Anything! E Dillon
Adelaide's Secret World E Hurst
Brave Jane Austen E 823 Pliscou
The Magician's Hat E Mitchell
Poppy, Buttercup, Bluebell & Dandy E Woodcock
Love E de la Pena
Love, Mama E Bradley
Don't Forget Dexter E Ward
Where's Bunny? E Heras
Curious George's Dream E Rey
Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market E Soundar
The Perfect Pillow E Pinder
Little Worlds E 153.3 Collet
Seb and the Sun E Gigot
This is the Nest That Robin Built E Fleming
Edie is ever so Helpful! E Henn
This Is IT E Peoples-Riley
Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor E 590.7234 Valdez
Splish, Splash, Ducky! E Cousins
Meet My Family: Animal Babies and their Familes E 591.3 Salas
Trio: The Tale of a Three-legged Cat E Wisnewski
Lots More animals should definitely not wear clothing. E Barrett
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Car E Dopirak
The Seal Garden E 599.7909 McAllister
Vincent Comes Home E Bagley
Big Tree Down! E Lawlor
Toad on the Road: Mama and Me E Shaskan
A Seed is the start E 581.4 Stewart
Dreaming of You E Ludwig
The Boy and the Blue Moon E O'Leary
Festival of Colors E Sehgal
A Hippy-Hoppy Toad E Archer
J Books Call #
The Powhatan J 975.5004 Smith-Llera
The Sioux J 978.004 Bowman
The Chumash J 979.4004 Smith-Llera
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott J 323.092 Kenney
Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington J 323.1196 Watson
Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka J 344.73 Wilson
The Little Rock Nine J 379.2 Mooney
Nonviolent Resistance in the Civil Rights Movement J 323.0973 Terp
12 Incredible Facts About the US Civil War J 973.7 Grayson
12 Incredible Facts About the Dropping of the
       Atomic Bombs J 940.54 Smibert
12 Incredible Facts About the First Moon Landing J 629.45 Smibert
12 Incredible Facts About the Montgomery Bus Boycott J 323.1196 Sepahban
12 Incredible Facts About the Louisiana Purchase J 973.46 Yasuda
12 Incredible Facts About the D-Day Invasion J 940.54 Sepahban
Paper Pop-Up Art J 745.5 Chenevert
My Little Book of Horses and Ponies J 636.1 Swinney
Made for Each Other J 636.7 Patent
The Thrifty Guide to Ancient Rome J 937 Stokes
The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution J 973.3 Stokes
Five Kingdoms, Time Jumpers J Mull
Video Animation and Photography J 778.5 uen
Dig In !: 12 Easy Gardening Projects J 635.083 Cornell
The Iroquois J 974.7004 Smith-Llera
The Ojibwe J 977.004 Halvorson
Two To Tango J Abrams
The Tech-wise Family 261.56 Crouch
Bug Blonsky and His Very Long List of Don'ts J Redmond
The Quest of the Cubs J Lasky
Granted J Anderson
Wed Wabbit: Don't Laugh. He's dangerous J Evans
R is for ReBe J Coats
The 11:11 Wish J Tomsic
Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys J 613 Natterson
Sparks! J Boothby
A Girl Named Rosa J Patrick
Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race J Breach
Dear Hank Williams J Holt
Big Nate Game On! J Peirce
Dog Man And Cat Kid J Pilkey
Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made J Pastis
The Alien Next Door: The New Kid J Newton
The Goolz Nest Door: A Bad Night for Bullies J Ghislain
The Night Diary J Hiranandani
The Science of Breakable Things J Keller
The Serpent's Secret J DasGupta
Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin J Shurtliff
Strange Star J Carroll
Saint Philomene's Infirmary for Magical Creatures J Cotter
Warrior  Genius J DiMartino
The Young Prince J Smith
Stella Diaz Has Something to Say J Dominguez
Abraham Lincoln: Pro Wrestler J Sheirkin
Bad Kitty: Camp Daze J Bruel
My So-Called Superpowers J Nuhfer
Zita the Spacegirl J Hatke
Space Runners: Dark Side of the Moon J Kraatz
Winterhouse J Guterson
The Not So Boring Letters of Private Nobody J Landis
The Journey of Little Charlie J Curtis
Arts and Thefts J Hymas
Baby Monkey, Private Eye J Selznick
Hammy and Gerbee: Mummies at the Museum J Yee
Mad About Monkeys J 599.8 Davey
Crazy About Cats J 599.75 Davey
Smart About Sharks J 597.3 Davey
Martin's Dream Day J 323.092 Kelley
Peachy and Keen: A School Tail J Tharp
Sneak Thief J Harkey
The Art of the Swap J Asselin
The Midnight Gang J Walliams
Wings of Fire:  The Dragonet Prophecy, book 1 J Sutherland
Hello, Universe J Kelly
Midnight in the Piazza J Parks
The Luck Uglies: Rise of the Ragged Clover J Durham
The Luck Uglies: Fork-Tongue Charmers J Durham
The Luck Uglies  J Durham
The Mad Wolf's Daughter J Magras
Nanny McPhee 791.43 Nanny
Nanny McPhee Returns 791.43 Nanny
Castle in the Sky 791.43 Castle
Nausicaa 791.43 Nausicaa
Kiki's Delivery Service 791.43 Kiki's
My Neighbor Totoro 791.43 My
J Audio books
From Letters to Words! J 371.337 From 
Number Magic! J 371.337 Number
Color Buddies! J 371.337 Color
On the Move! J 371.337 On
Playground of Letters! J 371.337 Playground
A Day in Letterland! J 371.337 Day
Ready? You Bet! J 371.337 Ready
Smart Starts! J 371.337 Smart
Alien Takeover! J 371.337 Alien
Build It! Fix It! Fun! J 371.337 Build
Little Scholar! J 371.337 Little
1,2, Play with ME! J 371.337 One
Ship Shape! J 371.337 Ship
Letters, Letters Everywhere! J 371.337 Letters
A Day at the Zoo! J 371.337 Day
Letter Land! J 371.337 Letter 
Word Explorers! J 371.337 Word
Chapter One! J 371.337 Chapter