The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION       JULY   2018
Title Call #
The Café by the Sea F Colgan
The Bookshop on the Corner F Colgan
The Good Fight F Steel
All We Ever Wanted F Giffin
The Cabin at the End of the World F Tremblay
Unbridled ROM Palmer
April in Paris, 1921 MYS Lunney
Pandora's Boy MYS Davis
Burning Meredith MYS Gunn
The Shepherd's Hut F Winton
Once a Scoundrel ROM Putney
The Man Who Died F Tuomainen
What Blooms From Dust F Markert
Nothing Forgotten ROM Levine
Fatal Chaos ROM Force
The Devil's Due WES Swenson
Six in the Wheel WES Leslie
Blood's A Rover F Ellison
Clock Dance F Tyler
The Summer Wives F Williams
The Last Cruise F Christensen
When We Found Home F Mallery
The Dreaming Suburb, book 1 F Delderfield
Legacy of the Demon FAN Rowland
Better Dead MYS Kopfler
Night of the Living Deed MYS Copperman
Fade to Black F Graham
The Color of Love ROM Sala
Marry Me By Sundown ROM Lindsey
Cottage by the Sea F Macomber
Double Blind F Johansen
My Ex-Life F McCauley
Caroline:  Little House, Revisited F Miller
The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond INS Wright
Rescued MYS Rosenfelt
Ghosted F Walsh
Competence F Carriger
Broken Ice MYS Goldman
Fear on Four Paws MYS Simon
The Cloven FAN Catling
The Last Time I Lied F Sager
A Steep Price MYS Dugoni
Lady Be Good F Brock
The Dying of the Light F Goolrick
Dear Mrs. Bird F Pearce
A Gathering of Secrets Mys Castillo
The Romanov Empress F Gortner
Trail of Lightning FAN Roanhorse
A Measure of Darkness MYS Kellerman
Paradox F Coulter
LARGE PRINT      JULY   2018
Title Author
Still Life With Bread Crumbs F Quindlen
Lone Rider, a western duo WES Patten
Heller From Texas WES Heuman
Guns of Darkness WES Young
The Texan Rides Alone WES Paine
Canadian Red WES Stone
No Justice in Hell WES West
The Purchase F Spalding
Ghost River WES Washburn
Wild West: short stories WES Kelton
Slow Train to Sonora WES Uglow
NON-FICTION       JULY    2018
Title Call #
Fix-It and Forget-It 641.586 Comerford
From Cold War to Hot Peace 327.73 McFaul
Modern Macrame 746.42 Katz
Feast By Firelight 641.5 Frisch
A Brotherhood of Spies 327.1273 Reel
The Secret token 975.6 Lawler
I'm Keith Hernandez B Hernandez/Hernandez
An American Quilt 746.46 May
Frontier Grit 920.72 Monson
Bring the War Home 320.56 Belew
We Rise to Resist 305.42 We
Rving, 4th edition 796.79 Peterson
Wonders of the Night Sky You Must See Before You Die 520 King
Listening is an Act of Love 973.92 Isay
Kindest Regards 811.54 Kooser
Dylan on Dylan 782.421 Burger
The Three Lives of James Madison B Madison/Feldman
Our Towns 306.0973 Fallows
The Tragedy of Benedict Arnold B Arnold/ Malcolm
Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation 951.9042 Seoul
The Art of Loading Brush 338.1097 Berry
Thr Royal Art of Poison 364.152 Herman
Drive: The Definitive History of Driving 629.222 Chapman
The Tool Book 621.9 Davy
Call Me American: a memoir B Iftin/Iftin
The World-Ending Fire 818.54 Berry
Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, 5rh ed 636.932 Bennett
The Very Worst Missionary B Wright/Wright
Mystics and Misfits 248.32 Peterson
Custom Grills & Smokers 643.3 Custom
USA: Top Sights, Authentic Experiences 917.304 USA
Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump
       Conspiracy 973.9330  Pirro
David Crockett B Crockett/Wallis
Energy: A Human History 333.7909 Rhodes
Walk to Beautiful B Wayne/Wayne
Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work 331.7 Isay
MOM: A Celebration of Mothers From Storycorps 306.874 Isay
Man vs. Baby 306.874 Coyne
Ask a Manager 650.13 Green
North American Road Trips 917.3 Derrick
Zen-sational: Stitches for Quilting 746.46 McNeill
Korea Reborn: Companion DVD 951.9042 Seoul
America's National Parks, 3 discs 973 America 
Last Days in Vietnam, 2 discs 959.704 Last
An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power 363.738 Inconvenient
Into the Arms of Strangers 940.5316 Into
The Ozark Riverways: Exploring the Current and Jacks Fork 333.91 Ozark