The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION       JUNE  2017
Title Call #
Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies MYS Atkins
Shadow Man MYS Drew
The Identicals F Hilderbrand
What My Body Remembers MYS Friis
Price of Duty F Brown
Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love MYS Runcie
The Baker's Secret F Kiernan
Where Dead Men Meet F Mills
Isadora F Gray
The Sunshine Sisters F Green
The Only Child F Pyper
Huck Out West WES Coover
Barkskins, a novel F Proulx
Lincoln in the Bardo F Saunders
Black Mad Wheel F Malerman
Music of the Ghosts F Ratner
Camino Island F Grisham
Indecent Exposure MYS Woods
Love Story INS Kingsbury
Celine, a novel F Heller
A Sister's Wish INS Gray
The Shell: Memoirs of a Hiddin Observer F Khalifa
Dark Side of the Moon F Wood
Not a Sound F Gudenkauf
City of Miracles SciFi Bennett
Blood of the Devil WES Farmer
Snake Oil: Easy Pickin's WES Galloway
What the Bishop Saw INS Chapman
The Way We Were INS Baer
Saints Among Us INS Rodgers
As Time Goes By INS Jones
In Her Sister's Footsteps INS Hanson
Empty Nest INS Hanson
Ready To Wed INS Carlson
Eyes on the Prize INS Jeffers
Steady and Slow INS Rodgers
They Also Serve INS Hanson
Recipes and Wooden Spoons INS Baer
Sing a New Song INS Jeffers
Keeping the Faith INS Hanson
Fond Memories, Fresh Beginnings INS Jeffers
Building Bridges INS Aarsen
The Ultimatum F Robards
Matchup F Matchup
Bad Dreams and Other Stories F Hadley
Through Waters Deep INS Sundin
Behing the Scenes INS Turano
Sunset in Old Savannah INS Ellis
Child of the River INS Joubert
An uncommon Protector INS Gray
Turf: Stories F Crane
Down Among the Sticks and Bones FAN McGuire
Trajectory: stories F Russo
Mormama F Reed
The Little French Bistro F George
The Essex Serpent F Perry
Round Midnight F McBride
Before We Were Yours F Wingate
Do Not Become Alarmed F Meloy
Grief Cottage F Godwin
A House Among the Trees F Glass
Odd Numbers F Holt
The Fall of Shannara: The Black Elfstone FAN Brooks
A Fragile Hope INS Ruchti
A Stolen Heart INS Cabot
Deep Extraction INS Mills
Too Deep For Words INS boeshaar
Marling Hall F Thirkell
Desert Moon INS Davis
Home INS Yttrup
A Fugitive in Walden Woods F Lock
Invisible Dead MYS Wiebe
Upon Spring Breeze INS Irvin
The Hideaway INS Denton
Shadow of the Storn INS Cossette
The Newcomer INS Fisher
The Memory of You INS West
Pursued INS Harris
Invitation INS Invitation
Till We Have Faces F Lewis
Black Moses F Mabanckou
Augustown F Miller
The Silent Corner F Koontz
Dangerous Minds MYS Evanovich
To Me I Wed ROM Jackson
Beautiful Crazy ROM Lane
Esther, a novel INS Kanner
Hero in the Highlands ROM Enoch
Blaze of Memory ROM Singh
Kiss of Snow ROM Singh
Play of Passion ROM Singh
Tangle of Need ROM Singh
Caressed by Lee ROM Singh
Shield of Winter ROM Singh
Shards of Hope ROM Singh
Visions of Heat ROM Singh
Dukes are Forever ROM Harrington
You May Kiss the Bride ROM Berne
Devil in Spring ROM Kleypas
The Bad Luck Bride ROM MacGregor
The Lady Traveler's Guide to Scoundrels and 
      Other Gentlemen ROM Alexander
A Promise of Fire ROM Bouchet
Total Surrender ROM Zanetti
Heart Strike ROM Buchman
A Hundred Years of Happiness F Seitz
The Duchess F Steel
Murder Games MYS Patterson
Wired F Garwood
LARGE PRINT      JUNE   2017
Title Author
The Shadowed Trail WES Gooden
The Kansas City Cowboys WES Boggs
Those Jensen Boys! Twelve Dead Men WES Johnstone
Guns of the Alamo WES Scott
War in Lincoln County WES Coolidge
The Sunset Trail WES Holmes
Beyond Reason ROM Martin
Indecent Exposure MYS Woods
NightHawk F Cussler
Come Sundown F Roberts
Love Story INS Kingsbury
No Middle Name MYS Child
The First Mountain Man WES Johnstone
Medicine Creek WES Reasoner
Silver City WES Guinn
The Bank Robber WES Tippette
Buckshot WES Martin
Brutal Night of the Mountain Man WES Johnstone
The Turbulent Trail WES Thompson
Ol' Slantface WES Wayne
Tom Dooley: American Tragedy WES Brooks
The Byrds of Shywater WES Lederer
Carly's Revenge WES Osborne
Picketwire Vaquero WES Crownover

NON-FICTION      JUNE    2017
Title Call #
Complete Guide to Dog Training 636.7 Biniok
Alchemy of Herbs 615.321 Foret
The Complete Herbs Sourcebook 615.321 Hoffmann
101 Easy Homemade Products for you Skin, Health & Home 646.72 Berry
Solar Rooftop DIY 644 Sullivan
Complete Guide to Herbs & Spices 641.338 Hajeski
Home Grown Pantry 635 Pleasant
Drawdown 363.7387 Drawdown
Bird, Bees & Butterflies 638.5789 Hajeski
Vacation on Location Midwest 791.4302 Green
Berries 641.647 Pedersen
Roots 641.65 Pedersen
Iris Grace 618.9285 Carter-Johnson
The Trials of Walter Ogrod 364.1523 Lowenstein
Seize the Day 248.4 Meyer
Theft by Finding: Diaries 1977-2002 814.54 Sedaris
The True Jesus 232.0904 Limbaugh
Living with Cancer 616.994 Jackson
The Great-Ness of Dads 808.88 Greatness
Ernest Hemingway B Hemingway/Dearborn
There's a Mystery There 813.54 Cott
The Card Catalog: books, cards, and Literary Treasures 025.313 Card
The Death and Life of the Great Lakes 577.63 Egan
The Potlikker Papers 641.5975 Edge
Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry…. 617.54 Ramin
A World in Disarray 327.73 Haass
The American Spirit 973 McCullough
Through the Shadowlands 616.0478 Rehmeyer
Fodor's Rome 914.5632 Fodor's
The LDN Book 615.7822 Elsegood
The Novel Cure 809.3 Berthoud
12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You 261.5 Reinke
The Forager's Feast 641.3 Meredith
DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture & Décor 643 Angus
Every Body Yoga 613.7046 Stanley
1-2-3 Magic Teen 306.874 Phelan
Natural Antibiotics & Botanical Treatments 615.321 Siewert
Duct Tape Engineer 745.5 Akiyama
Horse Owner's Essential Tips 636.1 Meyrier
Abstracts in Acrylic & Ink 751.426 Ohl
Pagan Holiday 909.0982 Perrottet
Boston Terrier 636.72 Swager
Australian Shepherd 636.737 Cox-Evick
Pug 636.76 Pug
Maltese 636.76 Fernandez
Dachshund 636.753 Dachshund
Border Collie 636.737 Bedwell-Wilson
Golden Retriever 636.7527 Golden
German Shepherd Dog 636.1376 German
Yorkshire Terrier 636.76 Yorkshire
Chihuahua 636.76 Chihuahua
Rottweiler 636.73 Gewirtz
The Scout's Guide to Wild Edibles 641.302 Krebill
Tomatomania! 635.642 Daigre
Potted: Make Your Own Stylish Garden Containers 635.9 Gutierrez
You Bet Your Garden Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes 635.642 McGrath
Roses Without Chemicals 635.9 Kukielski
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 636.752 Cavalier
Boxer 636.73 Boxer
The Great British Baking Show, season 2, 3 discs 641.7 Great
The Great British Baking Show, season 3, 3 discs 641.7 Great
Feeding Your Family's Soul 249 Feeding
Eight Days a Week: the touring years:  The Beatles 781.66 Eight
Life Animated 618.92 Life